“So, I’ve got these objections to the Catholic Church…”

For Catholics who don’t have all the answers (that’s about 98 percent of us!) and for all seekers hungry for the truth about the Faith, there are two really great sites that come to mind.

One of the most esteemed and helpful Catholic apologetics groups (Catholic apologists are basically people who defend and explain the Faith) is Catholic Answers. They have a number of outreaches, including a very thorough searchable webpage, a call-in radio show, and the best Catholic forums on the Web. A feast!

Another great apologetics site, especially for young adults, is PhatCatholic Apologetics. The author is a gifted writer who is studying at the Catholic powerhouse in Ohio — the Franciscan University of Stuebenville. He’s really good at finding and giving solid answers to questions he is e-mailed, and he has a set of apologetics links that cannot be matched elsewhere.

My blog cannot even approach the depth of these two fine sites, so what this blog lacks can be found there.