I’m a real bookworm and I could easily recommend/loan anyone a hundred Catholic books, but I just had to recommend these two titles for the top of your reading list:

Searching for and Maintaining Peace was recently given to me by a friend and it is small and easy to read, but very powerful. Few of us can say that we have peace with any constancy, but Christ repeatedly mentions that He wants us to have it, so… Fr. Philippe’s book is cheaper than a meal out and will be with you for a lot longer! 🙂

The Better Part
provides detailed meditations on all four Gospels and a powerful primer on spiritual growth through meditative prayer. The primer is probably worth the price of the book by itself, and the meditations will easily last for years to come. Though many are “into” spiritual reading and Bible study (which is great!), Fr. Bartunek makes the point that our spiritual lives and growth will stagnate if we don’t have a vibrant life of meditative prayer. Hence, this book, which is more for meditation than study.

Finally, Fr. Bartunek mentions free daily lectionary meditations available by e-mail through Regnum Christi. They’re as good as the book and only take a few minutes! The Regnum Christi site itself is chock-full of useful stuff, and I’ve also included the direct link to the meditation subscriptions.