An interesting post over at Inside Catholic asks what (non-controversial) cause each of us would promote if in the prominent position of First Lady/Gentleman. Here’s what I posted:

What an interesting and thought-provoking question!

It may sound “soft,” but it’s really not once you try it — and it is in fact a central part of holiness: kindness!

We could all benefit from a First Lady who promotes and displays the practice of thinking, speaking, and acting kindly toward all, most especially the most unlovable. This doesn’t mean approving of evildoing or being phony. It simply means showing respect for all others as children of God (as we all are), disagreeing without being disagreeable, and keeping silent if we can’t do this. This is the goal of a lifetime, is it not?!

Patrons of this virtue include the gentle bishop St. Francis de Sales, who converted many thousands from Calvinism to Catholicism, and Blessed Mother Teresa, who never seemed to have a bad thing to say about anyone, but who nonetheless stood for life and love.

Also, on my bookshelf in line to be read is a book by the superb Fr. Lovasik called “The Hidden Power of Kindness.” You and your children can never go wrong with a book by this late, great priest, and there are dozens for all ages!

Maybe you would enjoy thinking about the question and even posting your response?