This was orginally part of an e-mail sent to the ladies of the St. Anthony Bible Study in Fresno.

As I promised, here is the link to the excellent book about the Eucharist (an easy “bite-sized” read with a big punch; see especially the seventh “secret” about spiritual communion — it’s awesome!):

Also, though I wasn’t able to get wi-fi to work in our meeting room, here’s an excellent online (free!) version of the Haydock Douay-Rheims commentary (which includes many of our sainted Church Fathers’ explanations) that may help us out of the thicker hedges of our discussions 🙂 :

(Also, this online version is quite legal, NOT a “bootleg.” Essentially, a very dedicated person sat-down with a hard-copy, typed-in all the commentary — which is by now public domain — and put it online over several years.)

Finally, though I don’t have detailed enough notes (or the time!) to do an in-depth summary of what we discussed today, here’s a brief recap:

We again discussed ideas related to Romans 9, particularly verses 13-18. In particular, we talked about individuals needing to make ever more capacity for Love (God) through humility like the saints, not presuming or being arrogant and full of ourselves, perhaps like Esau, who God allowed to lose his birthright to Jacob. The issue of time also came-up, that God is eternal and we are temporal, so we see the “story” change and God’s “feelings” about us change between the OT and NT. All this is for our benefit, not His.

It sounds like we may be moving on to the rest of Chapter 9 next week.

We also prayed a Rosary and our closing prayer for several intentions, including Nathaniel (of course), Donovan (spot on his tongue, concern that it’s cancer), and a little girl having outpatient urological surgery today. Also, there will apparently be a special Mass for Nathaniel at St. A’s on Monday.