This post was written primarily for the ladies who meet for Bible Study each Thursday morning at St. Anthony’s in Fresno. I’m sure that I’ll update this as we go along. (And, perhaps someday we might even be able to access these sites with wi-fi in our study room. In the meanwhile, perhaps the iLadies could bookmark some of these for reference? 🙂 )

Here are some of my favorite, most useful Bible Study links, some of which I’ve already sent-out via e-mail:

Online resources:

  • Haydock Douay-Rheims Bible (This excellent commentary on the traditional Catholic Bible consists largely of the relevant writings of the Church Fathers. Also, this complete online version is quite legal, not a “bootleg.” Essentially, a very dedicated person sat-down with a hard-copy, typed-in all the commentary — which is by now public domain — and put it online over several years.)
  • Bibliaclerus (This Vatican-affiliated site is a treasure-trove of biblical commentary by saints, popes, and others. You can also read the commentaries whole. It can be a little hard to navigate, but you basically want to click the “Comment” button under each Scripture section and check the links along the left window for related commentary.)

Links for buying:

  • the awesome all-in-one Ignatius New Testament Study Bible (This has all the text, commentary, maps, etc. that you’ll find in the individual volumes, plus a concordance, but for about $21 (with free shipping on Amazon) instead of about $140. The only thing you’ll miss is the study questions. And, viola, Ignatius has heard us on that, too. Here they are for free use (scroll down)! This has got to be one of the greatest deals in the history of Catholic publishing!)