In this session, we looked primarily at Romans 10, vv. 2, 9, and 10. Regarding:

  • v. 2: We discussed true zeal versus fanaticism. We found that true zeal relies on and waits for God (unlike in vitro fertilization, for example), doesn’t use sinful or manipulative means to its ends (stoning St. Stephen, 9/11, the Protestant minister threatening to burn the Koran, etc.), and is prudent — taking risks and being brave for a reason and picking our battles (such as Blessed Mother Teresa advocating respect for life), joyful (the opposite of many anti-Christians), and loving.
  • vv. 9-10: We revisited the value of oral prayer (discussed last week), that it proves and shows our Faith, which by its very existence offends some, especially the use of the Holy Name Jesus. We also discussed the incompleteness of faith without works (sola fide), concluding that faith requires acts in God’s will, particularly as seen in Matthew 7:21 and James 1: 22-27 (for example: restraining the tongue and visiting orphans and widows).


  • Those who arrived early enough prayed a Rosary for Nathaniel (which will be done regularly — for the time being — at 10 a.m.) and discussed other prayer intentions.
  • We also discussed the need for a ladies’ night out soon (no date has been set) and — sometime in the future — a one-day or one-overnight retreat geared for homeschool/SAH moms.
  • The October 7 meeting will be in a private home. Details will be e-mailed out.

As usual, the ladies are invited to comment below! 🙂