Let’s make-up for last weeks un-newsy note with this turbo-linked summary! 🙂

Today, we completed Romans 10 (vv. 14-21). Here are some highlights:

  • v. 15: In the Christian tradition, feet are considered “blessed, ” though in most Middle Eastern groups, feet and gestures with them are considered offensive. We can think not only of those who share the Gospel, but of Blessed Mother kissing Our Lord’s Bloody Feet on the cross (as in “The Passion”). At the end of each Mass, we are dismissed to “go-out” and share the Gospel.
  • v. 21: The “chosen” (whether Jewish/cradle Catholic/our “foolish nation” [v. 19]) often choose to refuse to respond to God’s call. God wants us to be awed and wonder about creation and the Creator. Cradle Catholics can take the “filet mignon” of the Faith for granted, while converts accustomed to scraps appreciate the Feast, particularly the Eucharist. This is evident in the casual way many receive Our Lord and even in the casual way some priests neglect purifying the vessels used for Communion, and in the recent Pew study that showed how few understand or believe in the Real Presence. See Fr. Z (whose site is a vital feed in the blog reader of any Catholic interested in the liturgy) on forced standing during Communion in San Jose and elsewhere and neglected fragments from over-sized hosts. It is also evident in the scanty time most parishes allow for Confession. It was suggested that we pray for those involved in these abuses — and even offer our Communions for them — rather than ruminating on the abuses.
  • We discussed talking about our Faith with Protestants and atheists — who are often more angry at God than disbelieving of Him, which is good, for the Lord can convert them rather than “vomiting” the apathetic (see Rev. 3:16) — (and aliens [!]). A suggested resource:  “Where Is That in the Bible?” by Pat Madrid (his site is excellent!).


  • Due to a room-scheduling conflict, next week’s (October 7’s) study will be held at a private home. Details will be sent by e-mail to all on the e-mail list. As usual, the Rosary for Nathaniel will start at 10.
  • The Ladies’ Night Out will be Thursday, October 14, at about 6:30 at Yoshino’s at Blackstone and Bullard (or, if it’s too crowded, P. F. Chang’s). What happens in Ladies’ Night Out stays in Ladies’ Night Out (that is, no summary will be posted!) 🙂
  • Yet another Catholic study Bible (complete OT and NT, RSV-CE) is coming-out in October, this one by TAN/St. Benedict Press, with Catholic Scripture Study International. It has Archbishop Chaput’s imprimatur and endorsements from “all the usual suspects,” as well as articles by CUF (Catholics United for the Faith). It is also only available in rather fancy heirloom quality (leather cover, gilt-edges, ribbons, etc.) and thus pricey (at about $70 most places; perhaps it will be cheaper on Amazon). Odds are good that I’ll be getting it (As my hubby said with his usual wry appreciation of my book-collecting, “You can never have too many study Bibles!” He’s right: the commentaries complement each other rather nicely.), so those who would like to see it before taking the leap to buy it can see mine. 🙂
  • Also, I forgot to mention this new daily devotional from the Church Fathers that is currently winging its way to me: “A Year with the Church Fathers.” Can’t go wrong there…

As usual, the ladies can feel free to post any further comments below. 🙂