We discussed Romans 11: 1-24. Of note:

  • v. 4: God is faithful, even if we can’t see it; if we waste grace, He won’t give it to us.
  • v. 8: Is “stupor” the same as “hardness”? Maybe not. Perhaps “stupor” is the warning before “hardness.” The analogy was made of a coma induced for medical reasons, for healing.
  • We talked a great length about the danger of being prideful about practicing the Faith. We need to remember that we’re “grafted” onto the Vine and that just like the “Jews” who rejected Jesus were cut-off the Vine, we can be cut-off — and can be regrafted, too. We also discussed the danger of pushing too hard when we evangelize.
  • We had a detailed discussion of miracles, including that God often gives them to the unknown and those who have weak faith because miracles are for salvation more than for physical healing. On a related note, we talked about suffering with joy while longing for Heaven, and Flannery O’Connor’s famous quote: “She could never be a saint but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick.”

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