This guest post is provided courtesy of my husband Peter, a social studies/math teacher at a charter high school in Central California. He is in his 18th year of teaching in both public and private schools in Texas, Arizona, and California; he is also in his third official year of homeschooling. He is a lifelong Catholic, and a talented mineral collector and family historian/genealogist.

This is a poem that one of my more “creative” seniors told me that he wrote, almost verbatim, as his answer to free-response Question 1 on this year’s A.P. Microeconomics exam. When he posted this on Facebook, I was torn. Do I lament the fact that he’ll probably fail that exam, or do I commend him for the prowess of his poetic work?

“I squander my abilities
Until I see that, still, a three
I could achieve, or even four
If I had tried and studied more
… You might have guess that I’m the best
At Lit, I know I nailed that test
And yet, I did like zero prep
And so, I thought that I could rest
When Econ came around at last
Alas! I’m such a stupid ass!
Now I won’t pass, and I’ll be asked
By parents: “why’d we spend that cash?
You’re far too brash! You’re bound to crash!
You’re crazier than John Forbes Nash
But lack his passion!” God, I’m bad
At judgement, plus I boast and brag
To know one else except myself
And so I manage to compel
Myself to constant laziness
It’s quite a gift, but now I’ve missed
Like fifty por ciento on
This test my peers went mental on
I guess that they were right at last –
I’m such a stupid ass!”