My husband, who arrives everywhere five years and one month before I do, was just allowed access to this year’s A.P. scores at 1 p.m. today and spent several hours updating his career spreadsheets. He posts:

In the category of “I’m starting to feel old”, I calculated that I have now taught 969 students just in A.P. classes in my career, and they have taken, for my classes, a combined 2,317 A.P. exams.

I think he should have one of those old-fashioned McDonald’s signs installed in his classroom: “x number taught since 1996,” along with testimonials (which are legion) that “College history was a cakewalk after taking your A.P. Euro class” or (today’s contribution) “My parents took me to the casino for the first time and I didn’t enjoy it at all because I knew how the machines were rigged from taking your A.P. Stats class.” Oh, yeah, and “Thanks for ruining ‘The Wizard of Oz’ for me, Mr. J.” A [Peter] class is not a class unless he ruins _something_ for his students. 😉

I’ve yet to find a person more interesting to talk to than Peter. He is “the most interesting man on earth,” not that bearded old guy guzzling Dos Equis. Sheesh, the least that dude could do is get himself a bottle of Mission Street Pale Ale and sit himself down for a lecture on the history of Italy (my favorite lecture of Peter’s)! 🙂