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I shudder to think where I’d be if I hadn’t been given the grace by God — with my folks, may God richly bless them, of course! — of being raised Catholic. If Catholicism were not true, believing in it would be far, far worse than treating a fairy tale as real; it would be utter destruction — absolutely nothing would make sense, from suffering to math (but, I repeat myself, for I have never really “gotten” math! ); it would be the most devastating cheat ever devised.

“Catholicism is true, yet most people and even many Catholics don’t believe all the truths of Catholicism. So for me my real answer is Because of grace and that Catholicism is true.”


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UPDATED Mar. 31, 10:15 a.m. PST

Thanks for stopping-by this little blog! And, special thanks to Simcha Fisher for kindly linking here from her post at the National Catholic Register: “Is the world getting worse?” where she replies in part with a quote of my favorite saint, Francis de Sales! 🙂

I’ve put some of my favorite/most interesting posts together here. Enjoy and please feel free to comment!

You’ll notice that the most recent posts have been my Bible study group summaries; other subjects of interest are organized at the top. You’re invited to add Profoundly Catholic to your blog reader (see the RSS links to the right) so that you can be alerted to new material when it is posted.

My most recent projects include one of the highest priority: Little Blessing No. 6 will be born around Thanksgiving! 🙂

Have a blessed Lent!


Though I’ve mentioned St. Francis de Sales many times here, two posts in particular provide links to his works online and to Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s excellent commentary about him in the Phoenix diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Sun. I highly encourage all to befriend this special saint!

  • Since joining Facebook a few months back, I’ve been doing a lot of posting of newsy links and brief commentary (in addition to personal/family stuff) there instead of here. Rather than direct blog readers to my Facebook page (because I generally reserve Facebook to my personal friends and family), I’ve decided to begin posting newsy links and commentary here again, and linking to these posts on Facebook for my friends/family. Therefore, posts here will likely become much more frequent than in the past, though more brief, as my responsibilities continue to expand with the birth of Little Blessing No. 5 in late May.
  • Due to some recent spamming of my comboxes, and much against my preference, I’ve decided to moderate comments. Hopefully this will not delay comment posting too much. As before, I welcome comments that disagree with me, as long as they are respectful.

… to extremely spotty: Our not-yet-seven-month old Monica learned yesterday afternoon that she is a big sister! 🙂

Little Blessing No. 5 will probably be born around May. The usual Catholic Family Rules apply: no identification of the gender before birth, selection of one boy’s name and one girl’s name ahead of time, and all efforts (whining, pleading, begging, bribing…) to convince the doctor to induce at the right time because our kids always prefer Chateau Mommy to the outside world. 🙂

To those of you who live near Fresno, a special request:

I’m writing to see if anyone knows of a quiet home without any pets that might benefit from the company of an affectionate older female cat who loves lap time. We adopted Peanut Butter about a year ago from the SPCA. She’s about 13 years old and declawed, so she must be an indoor cat. We need to find another home for her because she is uncomfortable around one of our other two cats and has recently begun to urinate on the carpet in one part of the house. We had the vet check her out and she found the problem to be behavioral, probably due to the stress of the other cats and the noisy household. We think that Peanut Butter would probably do just fine in a quiet home where she is the only pet.

If you know of a good home for Peanut Butter, please e-mail me at

Though I inexplicably feel like I’ve joined the “dark side,” like most other bloggers out there, I’ve set myself up on Twitter. For the moment, I’m Tweeting in the blog’s sidebar as a quick way to update without having to make a stand-alone blog post. We’ll see if this works…

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I’ve also decided to avoid the labor of actually updating the blog (and avoid some icky household tasks, too, mea culpa!) by adding some new elements to the sidebar. You like?

Welcome Monica Frances!

Our latest blessing from God came into the world on March 24, a healthy and sweet baby girl: Monica Frances.

Thanks be to God!

The short answer is: We’re a Catholic family because that is what Our Lord wants us to be! We love Him because He is Love and so we strive to please Him.

Since that answer is probably not too useful, I’ll flesh it out some, recognizing that the full answer is literally beyond any human comprehension.

(As a relevant aside, to say that something is beyond our understanding is not a “cop out” or an aggrandizement, as some seem to think, but is rather a simple statement of reality. There are simply some things — in fact, a lot of things — that we cannot explain because we have finite minds and hearts, and God is infinite.

One good working definition I’ve found of that slippery virtue of humility is that it is the recognition of the truth about ourselves and about God — that we are flawed and He is perfect. So it is truthful and humble to acknowledge that there are things that cannot be explained.)

In a way, this whole blog is a fuller answer to the question, but here’s the bottom line.

We are Catholic because:

  • In love, God made us and sustains us, AND Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity (God), established the Catholic Church to be His Body on earth, AND Jesus made clear His desire that we be part of Her. The New Testament (part of God’s Word) overflows with references to the Church (just pick a page and you’re almost certain to find at least one reference to Her). One of the best Web pages explaining this and so much more is Catholic Answers.
  • The Church has stood the test of time, just like Jesus said it would (“And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” [Matthew 16:18].)
  • We were blessed to be raised in the Church and — in more than three decades of living in the world — have never seen anything else that approaches Her truth and beauty, most especially in the Mass, the Eucharist (Jesus’ Body and Blood, His greatest gift to us!) and the other sacraments. We love Her!

We are a family because:

  • Through a mind-boggling array of circumstances over many years (indeed, from before time began), God created my husband and me for each other and, at the perfect moment, brought us together in marriage.
  • Furthermore, at exactly the right moments, He used our marital sacrament to bring forth four children. It is likely that He will do so again.
  • We are, then, the “domestic Church.”

We are a Catholic family, then, because that is what Our Lord wants us to be and we want to love Love! This is a reality too beautiful for words, but that yearns to be expressed in words regardless! So, I shall try!

… since I last posted, but I’m just now coming out of a first-trimester funk; our fourth Little Blessing in as many years is due in March.

I can’t promise that I’ll blog those many posts I have in mind and have promised previously any time soon, but if you are interested in reading them when I do, you can do what I’ve done and subscribe to this blog and many others through a free blog reader. The reader will automatically show you any updates to the blogs you subscribe to.

May God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving and Advent!

What’s to come…

… when I get the time to post more:

  • Why a “Catholic Family”?
  • Least Known Tool for Lay People’s Spiritual Growth
  • Bible Study for Catholic Moms and Other Distracted People
  • On Drowning by the Page

UPDATE (5/6/08):

  • Scripture Alone v. Scripture and Tradition
  • Do You Want Everyone To Be Catholic?!
  • How Do You Sleep at Night?! (The Series)
  • Wheat (and maybe Chaff, if necessary)

I’ve sent an e-mail about this blog to the family and friends I have in my address book; please let me know if you would like to receive a notice when I update this page, otherwise I won’t annoy you with them! 🙂

Please feel free to comment. I hope not to have to moderate the comments. Disagreement is fine, but I’ll draw the line at inappropriate language and verbal abuse.

Thanks and God bless you all!

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